Saturday, April 21, 2007

Two sides of the coin

On a dreich West Coast morning, when the East Bay has all but vanished in a haze of rain, I'm preparing to go to Perthshire, where the rain may be less but I shall be too busy to notice. Supervising the clearing-up process after a Cursillo weekend is not something I look forward to, but provides the trigger to some thought about the different activities this Christian journey involves us in. Yesterday cerebral; tomorrow physical.

And I don't know which is the more satisfying - surprising though that may sound. Wrestling with the concepts of theology and Christology (and several other ologies on the way) is stimulating and indulges in the kind of mental gymnastics I have always enjoyed, while making beds and lugging boxes about represents the Martha side of life that I tend to avoid whenever possible. And Cursillo tends not to be on the cerebral side of Christianity - though there are some luminously cerebral people involved. But I know that tomorrow will be hard work and hilarity; exasperation tempered by a determination to display love and cheerfulness; and above all the desire to celebrate a faith which is alive and well and living in all of us.

And quite apart from any preference on my part, I have a feeling that it's very good for me!

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