Monday, April 30, 2007

Everybody out?

Well, who'da thunkit? Seems (according to recent polls) that the Nats might actually pull it off this Thursday and achieve a majority in the Scottish Parliament. Apparently, too, Alex Salmond is suggesting that independence could be reversible - that we could give it a try and then go back into the Union if we didn't like it.

Who is he kidding? I bet the rest of the UK wouldn't want us back for one moment. I have it on reliable authority that Londoners are sick of subsidising our economy, so presumably they'd wash their hands of us in glee if we removed ourselves from their orbit.

On the other hand - where would the UK government dump Trident? Interesting times, huh?

1 comment:

  1. Why are the other major parties scared of a referendum? By refusing to give the Scottish people a say they have forced people who support either independence or at least having a referendum on it to vote SNP.

    Labour's campaign material seems to focus on independence costing me £5000 per year! Really? So I should vote for Lucky Jack because it will save me money? Surely someone must have an arguement against the principle independence? If they do then I haven't heard it...