Saturday, July 07, 2007

Midgebites and Candlelight

Candlelit church
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Just returned from the second Midge-bites and Candlelight event - a fairly extraordinary concept which actually worked beautifully this evening. The weather was fair - the only shower lasted all of three minutes - and the midges not unduly voracious; the walk round the Bishop's Glen was enlivened by the repeated vision of an athletic chap who ran past us at least three times (can this too have been of significance?); more people seem to have cottoned on to the basics of plainsong and sang Compline to the manner born.

I've posted the pic of the church just before everyone came in; I couldn't actually show anyone being bitten by a midge or I'd have used that. The other pics are, however, on Flickr, and can be arrived at by clicking on this photo here.

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