Friday, July 13, 2007

Wee girn

In recent months the people of Dunoon have been fuming at the proliferation of yellow lines along residential streets. Some of these lines seem unnecessary, some create more problems than they solve. But the yellow lines in the photo above are a necessity, as traffic forced by les travaux on St John's Church to use this minor road round the gardens have to make a sharp right on the hill into Royal Crescent, which curves (as crescents do) in such a manner as to conceal oncoming traffic.

In Dunoon we have a long-serving and assiduous traffic warden. Cars are nicked on a regular basis for illegal parking - even for a few minutes. But this council lorry was there, on a double yellow line, for long enough for me to have a near miss crawling round it, curse, go home, unload the messages - and go out to photograph it. But then, the council workmen had grass to cut - or whatever they were up to.

One law for the cooncil, I reckon.

1 comment:

  1. Since the Council would have to pay a fine and the Council would collect the fine, it would end up costing you more it the wardens enforced the rules.

    Doesn't excuse the total lack of consideration by the truck driver though.

    Report the matter to the Parks Department.