Saturday, July 21, 2007


Small attendants
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It may seem strange to illustrate a post about a wedding with a picture of two small children, but the very young attendants at the wedding I've just returned from were such a feature of the ceremony that this lovely vision of them let off the hook seems appropriate. The wee boy, incidentally, should hereafter be known as Frodo - he did a great job with the rings!

It's been a lovely day. The weather defied last night's predictions of rain, and instead gave us gentle sun and no wind. The church looked wonderful - more pics when you click on the above - and the service was beautiful. This was my first experience of the marriage rite I've been involved in debating the past two synods, and I have to say that the practice of it far exceeds any of the arcane quibbles of the liturgists. And the hymns! I've never seen these words before, but the new words about marriage and commitment, sung to folk tunes, complemented the mood of the liturgy perfectly.

Donna the bride came into church to the music from a movie - "The Day after Tomorrow". Mr B at the organ performed the miracle of turning a DVD soundtrack into a piece of organ music which worked amazingly well. (I don't know how many people knew it was a disaster movie, but no-one blinked). And later, much later, she and Paul did a cracker of a first dance which had us weeping with mirth.

It was great to meet up with some of my former pupils - and to see what lovely adults they've become. Even if dancing the quickstep makes me feel I've dislocated my femur ....


  1. Anonymous3:46 PM

    I enjoyed reading your post. I definitely could picture frodo in my mind :-)

  2. However, the photo is more reminiscent of a Jane Austen movie set!

  3. You're right, HM - I hadn't placed it properly until now!