Friday, July 27, 2007

A photo question and a bird in the bush.

I need a friendly geek. Today I was sent a photo as part of a text message to my phone (Sony Ericsson K6 10i). I want to transfer it to my computer, and thence to my blog. However, sending the photo anywhere does not seem to be an option, bluetooth or otherwise. Any thoughts, out there?

Meanwhile, in the unwired world of my garden, there is a blackbird's nest. Maybe that should be a blackbirds' nest, for there is a male, a female and what seems to be a largish baby - though as said nest is deep in the heart of an ancient Weigela and I don't want to disturb the birds I can't really tell if I'm seeing the baby which I can hear cheeping, or if its mum sits on it when at the nest. I find myself walking past and peering without looking interested - absurd, really. The birds seem unbothered by us - presumably used to our comings and goings. It's quite exciting, really - and of course rather late in the season. I hope the kid makes it. I shall be keeping a weather eye open for Albertz* from next door.

*Actually a female cat, named by the footie fans before they ascertained its gender. It has much to live down.


  1. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Hi Chris,
    I am not a geek but I hope I am friendly. I don't know much about phones but if you use your mac: Click on the bluetooth icon in the menu bar (you might need to show it in System Prefs- Bluetooth, and turn some things on there too.)
    Bluetooth icon -> Browse Device. Then click on your phone if it is there or search for your phone and then click and Browse. You then should get the pair stuff but eventually you can browse your phone from your mac and drag photos off the phone to your desktop.
    Alternatively visit Ewan;-)

  2. Thank you! I've learned something - but now my mac says it's "unable to validate device". I've seen enough of Edinburgh for a bit, so I'll need to use skype or summat...

  3. I get that, too, sometimes, especially with my smartphone. I don't know the way around that particular one but really need to find out. I'll investigate! Alternatively, use your phone to email them to yourself, accessing the email on your computer.

  4. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Did you not get a message on the phone with a code or some such?
    You could alway turn the phone off and turn it on again then try again;-)

  5. You could send the picture as a message to your flickr account. I do that occiassionally and it works OK.

  6. Gordon, I tried this, using the rather peculiar address on the page that came up when I went to emailing photos. It seemed to go all right, but there's no sign of it on my flickr page - it seems to have vanished. :-(