Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blethering already

Don't you think? A definite moment of communication! But what do you say, confronted by the really big events in your life? I can write about trivia to a band playing, can even waste yards of text on such trifles as pew leaflets, but right now I feel a tad lost for words. This totally tiny person, who wasn't known to anyone except her mother a week ago and who already has a perfect little face and a personality and perfect pianist's hands and is smaller than either her father or her uncle ever were - she's a miracle.

And yesterday we took her, and her mother and father, and a carload of balloons, teddies, flowers, clothes as well as all our luggage, home. A terrifying responsibility, driving this precious load through rush-hour Edinburgh, with buses looming irresponsibly close and impatient white van drivers irritated because we were accelerating with extreme caution. But we made it, and now we're on one side of the country and Catriona (and her parents) are on t'other side. But the eminently missable Cowal Games are about to start, and they bring a plethora of ferries on the Saturday. All full coming this way, all empty going back.

Except for us. We're off to Leith!


  1. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Fantastic news Christine and John! Congratulations to all and welcome and much love to Catriona!
    See you on Tuesday!

  2. What a cutie! Oh, feeling all broody now.

  3. What a great picture!