Monday, August 20, 2007

We are ...

We are a Grandmother! This will be the only time I quote the Blessed Margaret in a blog post - trust me on this. But after pacing about the floor of long-suffering friends in Edinburgh, we've just had a call from Ewan to announce the arrival of his daughter. I don't see him blogging this tonight, but I'll leave the details to him - at least till the morning.

Apparently today - no; it's yesterday now - was a very auspicious day, being the Chinese equivalent of Valentine's day, a day in which you carve the name of the beloved on melon. At least, this is what the Bishop of Edinburgh told us at Spiky Mike's, aka St Michael and All Saints, Tollcross, in the morning. Presumably he knew what he was talking about.

Which is more than I do, after a day which began with a speeding drive through Edinburgh at 5.30am. I shall lay off the bubbly till tomorrow. Goodnight!


  1. Anonymous1:08 AM

    Congratulations to you and to John, to Ewan and Morgane (I know I don't know them but am happy for all concerned nonetheless!)
    With love , Ruth xx

  2. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Wonderful news Chris - can we all offically call you 'granny' now? ;-)

    Great also to see that Edublogger didn't immediately reach for a laptop either! Maybe there is hope? ;-)

  3. Can I give notice that at the moment there is one person who is allowed to call me 'granny' (though I prefer 'grandma') and that it's a bit early for speech yet!

    And what about 'grandmama'- touch of the Jane Austens!

  4. Congratulations to all!!!

  5. Anonymous1:53 PM

    How about babushka? And what about the nomenclature for Mr B? I think we should be told.
    FĂ©licitations to all concerned.

  6. Delighted to read the news! Congratulations to all of you. :-)

  7. Anonymous11:54 PM


  8. This is wonderful news! I can tell you and John that this is going to be a marvelous journey and one quite like no other- it's the best! Congratulations! (I have four grandchildren so I speak from experience. :-) I have been looking for a post from Ewan but I know he only has eyes for his daughter and Morgane. Terrific news! I can't wait to see some pictures.
    Best to you all,

  9. Anonymous8:38 AM

    The wean will be reading Chaucer at the age of four with "Grandma" at the helm!

  10. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Not Chaucer - Philip Larkin. And I am sure the child will have better luck with her parents than Larkin opined that we had with ours!

  11. Ewan may not have been blogging, but he was Flickring. :-) Despite the early hour you were all looking great... especially Catriona

  12. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Catriona - a lovely sequel to the last nine months!
    But... is she to be (a)"Katrina" (b)"CatrEEona" or (c)"CatriOHna"? Et en français?

  13. Congratulations. A wise person once said that grand children are God's blessing for not killing your children!

    Every blessing

  14. Thank you all for your comments! Now I'm home I can spend more time on this (and less, sadly, on grandmothering)
    abf et al - her parents are pronouncing her name "Katreena". I may allow myself the tiniest hint of a more Gaelic pronunciation in private!