Thursday, August 30, 2007

Trapps and Schmaps

I was quite tickled today to hear that a year on from a request from Schmap, the online map service, to use a photo I'd taken (of Mr B buying kilt socks and shoes) I could at last access the site on my Mac. The photo on the left shows the relevant entry, one of several for attractions, shops etc in Leith.

It made me reflect yet again on the amazing potential of the internet to harness input from anyone using it - and the enormous convenience of having all this at my fingertips. I still don't understand people who say they never use their computers except for the odd email.

But now I'm off on my travels again. Not as far-flung as some of my family, currently soemwhere to the north of Mombasa - just think of me in von Trapp mode for the next wee while. At least I'll not be patting leopards.

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