Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Slanglican match

Goodness, these folks over at Anglicans Online have fairly come over all petted about the Anglican Cathedral on Second Life. Their patronising tone can be sussed by this statement:"We've no quarrel with groups of Anglicans choosing to mess about in SL", and they nail their Web 1.0 credentials firmly to the mast thus: "We've been messing about on the net since the late 1960s, when one of us helped build it". Maybe that's just it. Maybe they got stuck with it.

You can read the response of the SL community here. It's a pity such a widely-read site should be so curmudgeonly, but maybe it's to be expected. What, I wonder, do they fear?


  1. All I can say, or rather do, is shake my head and keep on trying to bring our church into Web 2.0.

    (quick intro - I used to go to Catherdral of the isles, met you years back)


  2. Brianjohn's son? Keep trying!