Thursday, December 18, 2008

Randomly festive thoughts

Still beset by various carolling earworms, it came to me that I should try to find out what Christmas carol would be the desert island choice of the blethers readership. If you're still reading other people's blogs rather than trying to get your cards sent or your pressies wrapped, please tell.

On a tenuously related tack, I am happy to announce that my 38-year-old fairy lights (Pifco, little coloured bells, no flashing) lit up beautifully in their box today when we got them down from the loft. I thought a test advisable before Woolworths empties its shelves altogether. Spare bulbs are no longer sold, and I've used the last of the batch I bought maybe ten years ago. The lights are probably wildly unsafe and meet no modern criteria, but I like to hope they will see me out (not in a lethal way, you understand)

And finally, by way of greeting and to waste even more of your precious time, a festive link for you all.


  1. Anonymous12:29 AM

    The problem of choice leaves one like Buridan's ass (NB - for our transoceanic cousins, I refer to an indecisive equid). On a desert island would one prefer uplift (well, one would hope to be uplifted by a passing ship no doubt) or something to wallow in morosely as one contemplated a shortish lifetime of eating coral polyps and uncooked shellfish?

    If the former, I think would wander the coral strand yelling Kenneth Elliott's arrangement of Ecce novum gaudium and banging coconut shells for a percussive accompaniment to the refrain Laetare, laetare....

    If the latter, I would mope the hours away with Darke's arrangement of that old chestnut In the bleak mid-winter. The only blubber in sight would not be from some visiting cetacean, I fear.

    To digress, while I'm here: could we please agree to write prezzies, to avoid confusion with Scottish cupboards? I though we had settled such things when we discussed mic as opposed to mike.

    And another thought: Where do you stand on the Great Alternatives Controversy (just made it up)? Is it to be Still the night... or Silent night...? Guide me, O thou great Jehovah/Redeemer? Just as I am, thine own to be / without one plea? (And, if the latter, can you tell me what it means?


  2. Nuh! (that is the "word"? my Ukrainian grandmother used to utter when in disbelief!) And so, I uttered "Nuh!" as I read that Woolworth's is still around! Alas, in doing a Google search, I see it is closing in the UK soon. When I was but a wee little mite, I used to love going to Woolworth's to look through all the "stuff" but our store met its demise in perhaps the late 70's.

    Oh, as an aside, all of the cute little mini lights are now made in China and sport a warning label regarding the lead used in the wiring. So....

    As for a Christmas carol? I do enjoy abf's response, but I have no favorite. The Christian radio station I enjoy is just playing random Christmas music and, well, not being well-versed in the musical pursuits, I just enjoy it all.

    Michelle has addressed and sent all Christmas cards. What a 16 yo marvel she is. She has wrapped a great many gifts as well. Yes, I am a slacker. Never used to be, but with 2 teens and a husband ever-present, I consider myself fortunate and in good mental health just being capable of remembering my name and breathing.

  3. Anonymous10:07 AM

    If you like ecards, here are some beautiful, animated ecards for Christmas, including some from the same ecard artist in this blog entry.

  4. This might be one of my favourites...

  5. AHM and Dorothy - lovely choices! I've sung both, and love them to bits. Similarly Ecce novum - in fact, on the desert island I'd not need the music for it. Mind, the shellfish would do for me before I'd reached Laetare....

    I still think "Still the night"?"Stille nacht", "Jehovah" but am far from sure about the pleas.