Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hic bene dormitur

Sleeping on Grandma. Again.
Originally uploaded by goforchris.
It's quite a thing, this grandmothering. Humbling, really. You think you've lived all these years, acquired all these skills - sure-footed syntax, the ability to read Latin, to sing in tune, to sight-read music - you've taught hundreds of weans and survived to tell the tale, you write poetry and learned desk-top publishing skills and even manage to keep a blog in your declining years - and what does your newest arrival appreciate most? You got it. I'm a comfy place to fall asleep.

As you can see, I have a gorgeous grandson who still sleeps a lot - though he's apparently quite lively at 3am and I've seen him wide-eyed in the mornings. It was hard to leave him and fly home yesterday; I have to learn to balance the different benefits of a three-day stay (which includes sitting with a sleeping baby to my heart's content) against the daytime visit to my within-reach-for-a-day-trip granddaughter.

I almost forgot one unlooked-for side-effect for visiting-granny-in-the-inglenook*: I've seen more of Jeremy Clarkson on the telly in the past three days than I've ever watched in my entire life. Beat that.

*This is a picturesque exaggeration. The telly's in the inglenook.


  1. Oh Chris...boiled down, we all have one basic desire given by the Ultimate love and to be loved. It matters not what degrees we have, the commendations accompanying us, nor how far we have traveled...It is love.

    Your grandson is adorable and I must say I love the photos, particularly the ones of him nestled in his blanket, sleeping. He has a very distinct face...not the typical non-distinguishable baby-face. He is handsome and so sweet. Hope you got lots and lots of hugs and kisses in with this little one!!!!

  2. You actually LOOK like a granny now! Shame on you!

  3. You mean I've got my mutch on? Cheeky boy.