Saturday, August 26, 2006

All over ....

Cowal Games Fireworks
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...for another year. Cowal Games day has just ended, as usual, with a fireworks display on the coal pier. We have a grandstand view from The Blethers, from where this amazing photo was taken. You can see it, and others, here. Personally, I think the fireworks are the best bit of the day, but this could be because I have lived for the past 32 years within earshot of the stadium and/or the march past of the thousands of pipers who compete here. I used to dash down with the kids to see them all parade down Argyll Street at the end of the day; there is something very wild about the noise of all these different tunes being played simultaneously.

However, I have learned that to do that is to give yourself an earworm - you hear pipes for days even when there are none to hear. Nowadays I tend to leave Dunoon for the day and avoid even a whiff of bagpipe. Now all I have to anticipate is the noise from the town until after the pubs close, and perhaps some lone drummer beating his wavering way along the dark road home after a skinful. Tomorrow the street cleaners will be out early, and in the next few weeks the bunting will come down for another year.

Meanwhile, if you feel like a look, you'll find more from the games here

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  1. For the first time in 19 years I missed the fireworks due to the fact that it was raining and I was not prepared to queue for the pub! It was a great weekend, despite the weather, and great fun was had by all.

    Know what you mean about the sound of pipes even when there not there. Was in the pipe band for ten years and that never changed. Wait a minute... is that Scotland the Brave...?