Thursday, August 03, 2006

Speaking gig

Many, many years ago my No 1 son recruited me to run the school magazine, The Pupils' View. Now, in my declining years, No 2 son has invited me to speak at TeachMeet06 (you'll see the badge on my sidebar) about using blogging to develop pupils' creative writing skills. This is something I'm pretty passionate about, though I'm even more convinced about the potential for assembling and writing Critical Essays, but I'm aware I'm going to feel ...well, not to put too fine a point on it, old. Ancient. Elderly. Maybe that will reassure some waverers. I hope so. I'm looking forward to it anyway, and to meeting some of the folk who post comments here.

Should I wear a twinset and pearls?


  1. Anonymous6:04 PM

    It's obvious ab has never met you. Twinset & Pearls - don't make me laugh!

  2. ab - having taken a look at JJ's pic i have to confesss I can't see him in twinset and pearls any more than b-f can see me so attired.

  3. Don't you worry, hen! I'll be there cheering you on too... A familiar person to preach too in the audience! It'll be like old times....

  4. Sorry - wrong *to* the second time!