Friday, August 25, 2006

Anonymous comment

Well, well. My last wee rant attracted my first anonymous comment in ages, and in normal circs I'd delete it. In blogging circles, leaving comment like this is the equivalent of graffiti - and we simply don't do it. I wonder how this novice came to be up so late (midnight) - maybe over-stimulated by the Glow epic? But I've left his/her comment in place simply as an example of much that I deplore in education: the tendency to confuse excellence with class warfare, the inability/unwillingness to read what is actually written, the willingness to leap into publication with warts intact.

I wonder what manner of person was the "obvious prig" at whom the writer scoffed - because he/she doesn't make it at all clear whether this discerning person thought the movie to be an affront, or was more seriously luddite in not wanting to move beyond chalk and talk. Maybe the OP was an avatar of me in Anonymous' mind ...

And now I'm away to practise relf-reflection, whatever that might be.


  1. I lost the will to live after the trailer. Would something straight forward with real, enthusiastic practitioners rather than a refugee from "River City" not be better?

  2. Again, you might be being a bit hard.

    Maybe Anonymous isn't as technically developed as some of us.