Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I'm pleased to be able to report that the other half of the Teens blogging at Progress Report has also scored a Credit grade in her English with an overall 2. There are some interesting reactions over at Edu.blogs - not only in the post but in the comments, where one commentator (so far) is obviously wanting "more work" to be done to prove that blogging is a powerful tool in education. No-one is suggesting that this success means every blogger in education will now reach the heights of academe - but with this stultifying caution the technology will be obsolete before its use is widespread. Now, why does that sound a familiar note?

I was also delighted by the rapidity with which one of The Teens dealt with their first assault from comment spam and enabled the word verification to make it less likely that it would occur again. We patronise our students if we imagine that they are any less able to deal with the downside of technology than we are; it's our job, surely, to educate them to deal with life, not try to prevent them experiencing it. Or is it simply that we're terrified that they encounter the problems of the big world when we're in charge of them?

Away from education, I watched "The Constant Gardener", starring Ralph Fiennes, this evening. What an absorbing film - and what an actor. Those who know me will appreciate what a tribute it is that I didn't fall asleep once.

I may, however, fall asleep at the keyboard .....


  1. You are right. We're terrified that they encounter the problems of the big world when we're in charge of them? Will we be sued? Will we be fired while we explore their world? We have to give them the tools...all the tools..and the knowledge to handle them. That's the hard bit for the wee ones.

  2. Know the feeling! I'm getting too used to the smell of my keyboard...

  3. There is always the danger of "keyboard rash" - the key shaped indentations that are left imprinted on your cheek when you wake up.

    Not that I'm speaking from personal experience of course... the beep the machine makes when the keyboard buffer fills up usually wakes me. :-)

    And well done to blethers student number 2.