Monday, August 14, 2006

Please, teacher ....

I don't get it. A quick look at today's BBC weather page for Dunoon shows that today is fine and sunny - and it has been: wall-to-wall sunshine. Great. It also says that the sun index is "low". The next three days will, apparently, consist of black clouds with single raindrops and a bit of sun peeping out - but the sun index will still be "low". On Friday, however, there will be no peeping sun - just a black, one-raindrop cloud - "light rain". But the sun index? "Moderate".

Now, I did want to post a picture of this instead of a link, as I don't know if it'll make sense after today. However, I lack the (probably dead simple) skill to accomplish this. So there are two pleas for enlightenment here. First, I want to know why there is this apparent lack of correclation between bright, uninterrupted sunshine and the sun index. And next, I want to know how to put a screen shot on my blog.

I await edification .....


  1. First of all: they must've read my blog - the forecast page now looks much more sensible. All the more reason for me to want a screen shot.
    Ewan - thanks for the info: I never knew what "grab" was about. :-( The downside is that I can't get it to do anything - the options aren't available (they're grey, not black) Ah well ....

  2. Anonymous8:45 AM

    I find the BBC weather site utterly useless. I can understand why the 5 day forecast might be a little inaccurate but I reckon they ought to have it right when it's actually happening. But no. So now I use Metcheck - much better and it gives you each day broken up into sections.

  3. Anonymous9:12 PM

    For PC users - press "Alt" & "Print Screen" keys at the same time. Open Paint and use the paste commmand to put the screen shot onto the Paint canvas. Save and then upload to Blogger just like any other photo or image.

  4. Thanks to the two "teachers" for their input! I've found out how to do it on my (older OS) Mac now - even managed to put a pic of this blog on my blog log to prove it!