Friday, November 03, 2006

Distant shores....

At Toward sailing club 2
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This pic was taken at the end of today's little bit of self-indulgence, if the chill of late afternoon can be truly self-indulgent rather than masochistic, after a sunset so lovely as to make us wonder (we do this periodically) why we ever leave here to go elsewhere for holidays.

Which brings me to the fact that we're off again in the New Year, having just booked a confusing number of flights to visit friends in the USA - starting in Alabama, going on to California, thence to old friends in Virginia and finally by Amtrak to New York for a few nights before returning in mid-February. I still find it quite scary having to be my own travel agent - we used the excellent Trailfinders for the transatlantic flights, the train and the hotel, but had to do the internal flights online, causing a flurry at my online banking people who seemed to think someone had nicked my credit card. I'm glad they're so vigilant, but it makes for difficulties: at one point I was worried that I'd booked the same flight for six different parties.

On quite another tack, David has thrown down a wee gauntlet in his comment on a previous post. I may yet have to come up with a snappy characterisation!


  1. "David has thrown down a wee gauntlet"

    Glad to be of service. :-)

  2. I'm envious of how you manage to take such beautiful pics, the holiday sounds like a real adventure!

  3. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Dear Christine, my comment is really to say I went to Ewan's presentation yesterday at SALT conference and it was brilliant. He is light years ahead of me in IT and using it in our subject. As I am learning Powerpoint at the moment with Moira P in school through the ECDL, I was so impressed with Ewan's work on the screen as well as to hear his ideas. Hope you don't mind me using your blog for this. Re trip to America, well done. And what a super photo. Some day I must have you over here to see our lovely view up the Holy Loch. PS Come up to see us, we are still making strong coffee ! Love to you and John.

  4. June gives me my character:
    Sparky enthusiast characterised by favourite childhood greeting "Do you know something?"
    Guess who?

    I'll take you up on the invite - if you can guarantee that the coffee will be up to it!