Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cut off

Woe, woe and thrice woe. This is one of the relatively few times when I feel cut off, living here on the wrong side of the Firth. The photo was actually taken a couple of days ago, when the sea wasn't causing travel problems other than sea-sickness, but today all our ferries have been off since mid-morning and it's now so dark (at four in the afternoon) that I can't see the waves any more.

And today I was planning on travelling. Not anywhere exotic, but a trip involving two ferries, to The College on Cumbrae. Now, instead, having spent the whole day hanging around waiting to see what would happen, I'm going to have to resurrect some chilli from the freezer and think about going in the morning. Very disappointing.

Worse still, the connction saga continues, with the added complications of our new telly and the Sky package. Microfilters or no, neither the installation of the Sky line nor our broadband connection have been behaving normally. Furthermore (I love that word - so portentous) I don't seem to be able to blog from flickr any more. And yes, I have updated my settings.

I might as well be living in a cave. I used to be good with an open fire ....


  1. Now I notice the sinister words "no such photos" behind or in front of the phtos on my flickr badge. Persecution mania is setting in .....

  2. I had major problems trying to blog from Flickr a week or two ago. Flickr's help forums basically said, "Not our blame, ask Blogger". Other replies seemed to suggest it was a problem with old Blogger and that the new Beta Blogger worked OK. So I finally bit the bullet, upgraded to the new beta version. I had to wait a few HOURS! for it to sort itself out but once Blogger started talking to me again I was able to post from Flickr without any problem.

  3. Oops! Just read your previous post and it looks like you've already gone beta. Sorry... haven't a clue what's wrong then. :-)

    P.S. It's just occurred to me that you sent me an email that I haven't responded to yet... I'll go and do that now.

  4. I think there are gremlins in Dunoon. Nothing would surprise me. But I'm glad that mail wasn't hijacked by them!