Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sic transit Google

The past few days - since Wednesday afternoon, to my knowledge - I've had a completely creaky internet connection. It seems slightly better today, but not well enough to make web use anything but frustrating. Pages time out before loading; I have to make several attempts to load perfectly ordinary sites; Google is hopeless and Flickr not much better. I know of one other household, also on BT and also in my area, where they are suffering this problem, and it's happening to the two computers at The Blethers.

Any comment on this from all you more savvy users?


  1. Don't get me started on internet connections! I am with talktalk and they have been one of the main causes of my recent insanity! Best of luck...

  2. Anonymous1:12 AM

    I actually don't have a computer
    I access the internet by means of an old electric kettle flex I put in my left ear (the right one doesn't work as well) So sorry won't be able to help you there.
    Have you tried throwing a jotter at it.

  3. After my strop about the school system I'm afraid to say, Chris, that my home broadband is working fine. I use Virgin as my ISP - it's our slow computers at home that are the limiting factor.

    Hope it gets better!

  4. BT's been goosed here (although not as badly as for you, I think) since about Thursday - I've logged a couple of faults with them and although I've not heard anything back from them (so that'll be 24 BT hours rather than the more prosaic 1 day then) friend-Tom has. Apparently they've had caching and DNS issues (which sounds about right, given the symptoms) and they're fixing it. Certainly the web looks a lot faster today.

    Perhaps they feel by not responding to complaints that they won't need to compensate for the lack of service?