Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Heading north

I've been packing. I hate packing - but I'm looking forward to this trip. Tomorrow I shall leave by a hideously early ferry to drive to Thurso. Thurso on a November Thursday - doesn't sound a blast, but I think it will be. My first attempt to visit the extreme north coast of Scotland was thwarted by two factors: the call to sing at a special service in the Cathedral on Cumbrae and the minor inconveniences of the early stages of pregnancy (I had gone off beer. And coffee.) That was over 33 years ago and I've never been back. Now I'm going to another first for me: a civil partnership celebration. Meeting with friends as well as new people in a new place sounds like a good mix - even if it is bucketing with rain outside.

And because it's bucketing, I've been doing what I always pictured myself doing when I didn't have to go to work (apart from the packing, that is). I've sat reading for the past two hours - more of "Imperium" and a chunk of David Day's Preaching Workbook. For most of last year I felt guilty if I didn't go out and bash along in the wet at some point, but now I swim with the pre-breakfast ancients that need has subsided, just a bit.

I'll be up at 5am tomorrow - no late blogging for me tonight!


  1. Have a good one Chris and best wishes to all those involved.

    I have fond memories of Thurso as a child - rain like you wouldn't believe, wind like you wouldn't believe and unable to see out of the steamed up bus windows! Ah those were the days. Enjoy.

  2. Hope you have a nice trip and the weather doesn't spoil too much of the drive.

  3. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Park an' Fly sounds more like it to me. I've been to Wick and Thurso and to Orkney but it must be more than 20 years ago.
    Take a torch.

  4. Photos of the trip now on Fickr - blogging will recommence when I've recovered!