Saturday, April 14, 2007

Frogs and sheep

Summer begins on the banks
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A jolly outing to Leith today felt like a visit to a foreign land. Partly it was because of the weather, which was balmy even in those eastern shores (pictured), partly because in Daniel's Bistro it was assumed that we were all four of us French. This was not because Mr B and I were conversing fluently en Francais, but because, apparently, the owner had always assumed that Edublogger was French and he'd introduced us as "mes parents". Anyway, the meal was great and the subsequent promenade around the port most agreeable.

And on the way home I saw a wondrous sight. There were sheep grazing on the grass pyramids at what was the Motorola factory on the M8. They were quite unlike the daft sheep in yesterday's game. They were a wonderful, un-sheepish red.



  1. I heard about the red sheep on the radio. Did you manage a photo?

  2. Apparently this is the first advertising stunt of this year to promote the pyramid estate. The sheep were dyed red using 'non-harmful' colour.

  3. Anonymous11:46 PM

    (From the Department of Literary Pretentions)
    Cast your mind back to the dim & distant - to Virgil's Eclogues, number 4 in particular. If I remember aright, the sheep therein came with ready-coloured fleeces, thus saving the dyers a lot of trouble (or rendering them workless, as the case may be - that's progress for you).
    Incidentally, the same poem helped save Virgil from the ravages of the early Church fanatics, who saw, in his vision of a Golden Age about to dawn, a Messianic prophecy, instead of a bit of Augustus flattery.
    Pretentious? Ego?

  4. Golly. You all know so much about these sheep (reddy-coloured, O learned one!) and I merely saw them - and no, I didn't manage a photo at 70mph - just a gasp and a giggle.
    abf - you be as pretentious as you like, pet - I love it!

  5. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Damn! I missed the chance for paronomasia. I blush - reddy-coloured.
    I love it when you talk purty.