Sunday, September 24, 2006


In response to the encouragement from my comments page, a brief report on last night's gig. What do I recall today? Two things stick in my mind. First, we sang a storm. Confident, swinging, dead in tune. And I mention this first because the other memory is negative: the noise of the audience. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that two thirds of the 750 people reputed to be there couldn't be described as "audience" because the word implies a degree of listening. No, they were the punters; and it was like performing in a massive pub.

Other memories? Standing on the stage blinded by the lights so that I could see nothing but blackness in the auditorium. Squashed in the backstage area clutching stands and water bottles while large stagehands squeezed apologetically by and Fred Macaulay kept the patter flowing. The gaffer tape on the maestro's pedal sliding on the wet stage and needing running repairs mid-set ..... and the continuous racket from the darkness tempting me to seize the mike and bellow. (I didn't)

Do it again? I'd rather not. But I'm glad the Three Dolphins Trust got off to such a good start and that people seemed to have fun. I'll find my fun in a freezing half-empty church somewhere ....


  1. Anonymous9:40 PM

    I sympathise about the audience. I remember playing at a corporate do, and being completely ignored. They'd have been better off with a DJ instead of a 12 piece band...

  2. Neil, you obviously have several strings to your bow! What do you play? And is there a past as a chorister??

  3. I thought that may happen. That's what they get for having a bar, I feel. Glad you did so well, though. I have yet to hear 8+1 doing their thing - maybe one day...

    Do you know, roughly, how much the trust made?

  4. Haven't a clue, Duffy - sorry. But at £10 a head for 750 heads with bodies attached you've got a good start.