Wednesday, September 20, 2006


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Having just got in from aquaplaning over the Rest and Be Thankful in driving rain - strange, isn't it, how fierce rain always seems to originate from a point six feet in front of the windscreen - I don't feel like the brightest blogger on the block, but I can't end the day without pinching one of David's pix showing the gathering I attended today: TeachMeet06.

That wine you can see on the table went down a treat - I hadn't tasted Stormhoek before, but may well again - and I felt that the crowd issuing forth from the Orkney Room in the Crowne Plaza hotel seemed considerably jollier than anyone else we met in the corridor. It almost made me wish (again) that I was still in the classroom, but after that journey home I'm glad not to have to be out for 9am.

I had a ball, chaps - great to meet you, David, Andrew, Neil, and the crazy American lady who came over from New York specifically to attend TeachMeet06 (really). Tomorrow I'll put up the text of what I said, but right now bed seems more inviting.


  1. Glad you made it home safely through the hurricane! Sorry we didn't get a longer chat.

  2. We shall, we shall - I'll be back!