Saturday, September 16, 2006

Stating the obvious?

After a day spent at a meeting of people involved in the next Cursillo weekend in Scotland, I am left with two thoughts. The first is that I am still amazed at the power ordinary people have to be extraordinary - to do things way out of their comfort zone when the need arises.

The second is to do with how we confront our own mortality. It seems to me that acceptance of the one inescapable fact of our own eventual demise - as distinct from simply avoiding contemplation of it - is perhaps the greatest step we take along our spiritual road as mature thinkers. And it's interesting how possible it is to share this journey with others when an atmosphere of trust exists.

And it's salutary to think of the countless millions who have considered this reality - all the way down to someone sitting at a laptop publishing her thoughts in a manner inconceivable to the ancestors at the other end of the chain. We're very small, really, and life is very, very brief.

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  1. Anonymous11:54 PM

    A case in the news the other day about a 15 year old girl knocked down and killed crossing Maryhill Rd upset me and I prayed about it what has come to me since then is the brevity of the life and the sudden violent death of Christ.
    It doesn't explain to me why but it does show me that God became substance with human tragedy and in a mystery beyond our understanding human tragedy becomes substance with Christ.