Thursday, September 14, 2006

Consider the Lilies?

Garden 9 - lilies
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I came upon something I'd scribbled in my diary in July, when this photo was taken. It reminded me of a wonderful morning spent reading poetry, in particular the work of Jane Kenyon, which was new to me. I reproduce it here in tribute to her poetry and to friends who grow a wonderful garden and ply me with poems to read in it!


This morning I sat and saw the lilies
which yesterday had grown at my back.
They are arranged in tiers, like a school photo,
the tallest at the rear. Their scent
is everywhere, seducing me to stay
as I sit in a white canvas chair
reading your poems and feeling
welling up within at last the need to write again.
I am surrounded by rushing and the sound
of multitudes of hidden birds who
splash and scurry, and the strange
interrupted cooing of a dove whose song
repeated twice is silenced when he sings
the first note of the opening phrase
and I smile at this casual reordering
of all my trained perceptions
as the sun strengthens and the lilies
poise to open new faces to the day.

© C.M.M. 07/06

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