Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Prep time

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Preparing to make my own fairly minimal contribution to Teachmeet06 tomorrow, I find myself wondering about the phenomenon of actually doing just that - preparation. For years I taught more or less on the hoof - any preparation would come if I had to study a new text myself first - not knowing what I was going to say until the occasion arose. At least, that's what it felt like, especially on the days when I'd say to a class: "Well: what are we doing today?" Ok, with a Higher class I'd have an idea of what I wanted to cover in a given period, but it was pretty fluid.

So why am I doing this preparatory stuff? Partly, I suppose, it's because of the time limit on the presentation - I can't say "Ok ,we'll finish this next time" and I want to ensure that I say what I want to. And partly, I suspect, it's because the past year I've been doing sermons and stuff, and out of my comfort zone, with a silent audience who won't give me any input. But I'm looking forward to it - and to putting faces to some blog-names.

And what do I hope for? Well, I've been so appalled by the low level of tech-use in my own area (academically and in my old haunts) that I'd like to think that I could influence at least one more person to try blogging to develop Creative Writing for senior pupils. I'll not hold my breath, though.

And back at The Blethers I have another private student coming today for a first meeting. Guess what I hope we'll do first?

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