Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blogging characters

My latest student blogger has been posting over at Ekki's English about his take on the characters in Macbeth. It interests me how difficult it is to get students to use quotes to back up their assertions - and I've not even begun on how to embed them in a Critical Essay. I wonder how many colleagues reading this find the same initial reluctance; even this clever student obviously understands the characters and his own response to them, but not the importance of evidence. He knows a good graphic when he finds one, mind!

And once more I'm brought bang up against the reluctance to blog little and often - often a feature of new bloggers - and the glaringly obvious benefit of such regular posting as a homework strategy. I used to tell my pupils to keep their writing in practice - especially over the holidays - by keeping a diary; how much more interesting to blog it.

Still have to convince the punters though.

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