Monday, June 18, 2007

Which car?

Buying a new car in Argyll is unlike any other retail experience. Right now we're sitting on a bench on the shore of Loch Fyne waiting for Peter - who has sold us 7 cars to date - to come back from lunch. As ever, he doesn't want to sell up anything too fast or too expensive, but we've spotted a new model and fancy it rotten. For one thing, it looks just the job for our lane, which is the nearest thing to Passchendaele (spelling?) you'll find outside a war zone. Watch this space - Jeremy C will be back!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Passchendaele was correct, though it is now known as Passendale, just as Ypres is Ieper.

    Either way, go for the sporty model... but perhaps (with August fast approaching) a people carrier might be more appropriate! ;)