Saturday, June 02, 2007

Not blogging but ...

I read recently that someone had said that we ought not to describe ourselves as bloggers, and find myself agreeing with this. I'm not a blogger: I'm a communicator who will use whatever means seem appropriate to the task. That said, I'm delighted to welcome two new blogs to my Bloglines.

The first belongs to my latest private student, who is getting to grips with Shakespeare for the first time and has just begun to write about it here. He would welcome comment from any of my regular readers as we embark on an old-fashioned education in English.

The second blog is that of one of my oldest friends, who has been writing all the time I have known her and would probably have had a blog in the 60s, just as I would. Have a look at wordswordswords - and if you have any advice on laying out verse in WordPress this would be a good time to visit.

And you will note we are not averse to the odd quotation...

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