Saturday, June 09, 2007

Back in the Boondocks

Home again. Like Ruth I feel as if I've been away for far longer than three days, and was amazed at how warm the air here in the west was - 24 celsius at 6pm - compared with Edinburgh. I also realised that I had become stir crazy, having to sit indoors for hours at a time without moving or talking - most unnatural. My remedy was to go for an evening walk, and the picture shows the wonderfully deserted shore road a Toward, where all the brassica-type plants have flowered and the birds were singing their heads off in the woods. We may be in a diocese which is in danger of vanishing altogether and which certainly is the poorest in financial terms, but I would trade all the resources of the city any day for the freedom to live in such a place as this.

I don't feel up to further reflection on the Synod right now, but would echo Bishop David's thoughts about the amazing levels of competence on display during the past three days. There are some very impressive people working for and in our church structures. Right now, however, I'm happy to be back in the sticks - even if I do have to do the intercessions tomorrow.

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