Friday, June 08, 2007

Casting the Bishops

Moblogging from Synod just to show I can is all very well, but not being sixteen I am woefully slow at texting on a phone and find I can really only write the odd blogbite. However, for anyone actually wanting an early summary of what has been happening, Kelvin (wonderfully slender, as you will have noted) has speedily got his act together and provided same.

I'll stick with the frivolous and report that our College of Bishops, once more restored to the full complement of seven, was being referred to as The Magnificent Seven. Taking this further, +Martin bagged Steve McQueen's character as his own, made passing reference to the obvious Yul Brynner lookalike, and observed that Moray had just appointed Charles Bronson as their bishop. He reminded us that Robert Vaughn's character had turned out to be the coward.

There were no casting votes...

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