Thursday, June 28, 2007

Great Northern in the rain

No picnic today - it keeps raining with a vigour we haven't seen since leaving home. So we ate here, one of the pleasant sitooteries in the hotel. Later we shall sally forth in search of (a)the bookshop and (b)a deserted village, so we'll doubtless be soaked again. But this morning we saw a Great Northern Diver in a lonely bay. Ever since I read Arthur Ransome's book at the age of 10 I've wanted to see one - and there it was, looking just like the picture on the cover. Fulfilment!


  1. Anonymous12:35 AM

    Did you get to the village? My Friend Niall Brown's family lived there (heedie at Dalintober) We got so beaten by the waterlogged slopes that we didn't make it, but if you get to the highest point on the island I'd be obliged if you would look around for my favourite silver earing in the shape of a cat. :D
    Immediate apologies if this has posted twice. Delete as appropriate...playing up

  2. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Just envious really - one day I'll get to Colonsay! Are you using a portable device of some sort? Can you recommend?

  3. I've been using my mobile phone - a Sony Ericsson. It seems to work fine till you suddenly get a sideways photo - as I did today. It's slower than usual, and hard to see in the sun, but fun to be able to do.

    We passed through the village behind the hotel - is that what you mean? And we got very lost looking for a deserted village - but no earrings, I'm afraid!