Sunday, March 26, 2006

Can't see the wood ...

Birch trees
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Well - that wasn't exactly the reaction the sermon provoked this morning - people were very responsive and entuhusiastic, if slightly deeved by the torrent of ideas I'd been assailed by while writing it. How easy it is, however, to become so entranced by each new thought that the overall shape seems to sprawl like the delightfully untamed wood I walked through yesterday. Am I closer to understanding the concept of Eternal Life? Perhaps. But my hearers ....?

Interesting, too, that there will always be someone there who seems, by his very lack of comment, to think that women should confine themselves to making the tea and arranging the flowers. I'm currently involved yet again in a discussion of women's ordination on a Yahoo group - there are people out there for whom this is still a problem. Meanwhile the church withers and perishes (more trees!) because the rest of the populace dismisses it as a haven for irrelevant navel-gazing.

But there. I've made it to the afternoon. I'm still hoping my new little bloggers will come up with some more writing before the day is out, but we remembered to change the clocks, the rain is dissuading me from going anywhere, and I have jeans to take up. And then I shall make the dinner.

Flowers for Mothers' Day have just arrived. And choccies. I shall give up on cerebral activity for the rest of the day. Flower arranging? Cooking? Seems I'm falling into line .....


  1. must be Ewan's mum! Thanks for the post...see you in Binic!

  2. I feel a poem coming on - eh Chris?

  3. Binic it will be, Grant! a bientot .....

    Nah, Duffy - not a poem in my head right now, I'm afraid.