Monday, March 20, 2006

Torpid thoughts

On my way home from an interesting and satisfying day in Glasgow, I decided I might blog this evening on the subject of transactional analysis, but have had to abandon such ambitions as being beyond my addled brain at the moment. Instead, I shall merely remark on the sad truth that a stimulating day seems to lead, with crashing inevitability, to an evening of stupefied torpor. Even sitting on the floor (in an attempt to stay awake for long enough to drink a cup of tea) failed - I kept finding myself keeling over in the direction of the cup, as though attempting to dive in.

I know that TA is hardly a new concept, but today was the first time I've made any attempt to use it for my own purposes. Perhaps that's what has so drained my brain - the combined effects of thought and the big city. I need to rest said brain, obviously, as further thought will be necessary tomorrow when I attempt to write a sermon for this Sunday. It's amazingly challenging to step out of one's own comfort zone and do a job for which one is only minimally qualified.

One last thing: I'm always amazed to realise that people read blog posts - especially when they leave long and thoughtful replies to them. Is the blogosphere perhaps like one of these smoky coffee-houses of the past, where the essayists of the day would gather to share ideas? Great!


  1. Did you analyse some transactions today then, hen? I was in your old classroom the safter and very chilly it was! My first client showed a surprising and gratifying aptitude for music :)

    Good luck with the sermon. See you tonight!

  2. That's an every day event for me. Although, I don't write Sermons! :-}

  3. Hmm - Blogspot seems to be eating my posts. Can you see today's ones if you open my page? I also removed the big photos in case it was that messing it up, but alas :(

    Oh and I had to turn on the annoying word verification because of a spammer. Not happy.