Monday, March 27, 2006

Mother's Day, continued

Chefs at work
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Had a trip to the big city today - well, to Leith. We only did two things, really - ate and spent money. Great.

The eating was in continuation of Mothers' Day - so I wasn't paying. The wine was an interesting and alcoholic white (whose name, sadly, I forget), and I had lightly smoked pan fried monkfish with hummous, rocket and basil oil. The accompanying plate of veg was delicious and perfectly cooked. I also had a wondrous sorbet - you'll find it on flickr. (No, not the sorbet - you know what I mean!) The two chefs work wonders in that tiny space you can see in the photo - I can't imagine doing all that in full view of the diners, but they do! If you're now drooling, I recommend this place - Fisher's, on The Shore, Leith.

After this we went shopping for a new kilt and brogues. Not for me, you understand - but it was an entertaining afternoon. As the rain thundered down - who said the East didn't have real rain? - we were treated to swatches of tartan and a selection of interesting shoes. The intricacies of tying these fancy items defeated me - I hope their new owner was paying attention!

All this self-indulgence has left me incapable of serious thought, although the conversation over lunch was very edublog-orientated: hardly surprising as edublogger was paying. I shall return to the edublogging front tomorrow.



  1. The question is: Why were you shopping for Kilts? Id there wedding bells on the horizon?

  2. Yes - didn't I tell you? A wedding in Brittany ... with kilts.

  3. I can now vaguely remember you saying something in a comment whilst in NZ. That is wonderful news!

  4. Where did you get this notion that it doesn't rain over here? It rains less, but is colder to compensate.
    Did you go with made-up-in-the-19th-century correct tartan?

    after filling in the 'word confirmation' box I can state with certainty that 'mrxrjm' is not a word

  5. I was seduced into a foolish expectation by the assertions of my menfolk.
    The tartans were of "ancient" colours but were irreproachably correct Walter Scott-type Mackintosh tartans.