Sunday, March 12, 2006

Spring, huh?

View towards Rectory
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I reckon we came home too soon. I mean - my wee daffies are all bent under a mound of snow and half of Scotland seems to have shut down: no papers in the shop by lunchtime, roads blocked by skidded lorries and bigger mounds of snow - I ask you.

Anyway, for my new friends in New Zealand, this is the view from our wee church after the Eucharist this morning. There were only five in the congregation, and we'd all had to walk varying distances to get there. Quite apart from the perilous steepness of the driveway, the church site is at the back of the town, up a hill and away from the sea. And to cap it all, the weight of snow brought down a tree right across the driveway, demolishing the phone line on the way. So from sitting in church in a thin dress a fortnight ago -and having tea on the grass outside afterwards - I found myself shivering in the choir stalls ( we abandoned the nave) in wet trousers and fur-lined boots, and having tea in the Rectory while resolutely hugging a radiator. We remembered New Zealand, however, in our prayers, and all the friends we've made there.

Update on the jet-lag: thanks to the aforementioned affliction, I was able to take some interesting shots of the snowfall at 5am. It is very cold hanging out of the window under such circumstances, but one must suffer for one's art. You can see them on flickr

And now we wait to see if the snow will clear sufficiently for us to enjoy the dinner-date we have planned. Otherwise I'll be cooking.



  1. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Such good photography you do, Chris. Thanks especially for the photos of the church. One can't tell just how high on the hill the beautiful place is, but it did bring back wonderful memories of our Sunday there--though I am glad we didn't have the opportunity to enjoy the snow first hand.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment on our teds blog. Good that people take the time. the children need to be aware of an audience, not just be told it exists. I am envious of your time to rediscover those things that are important. My wee daffs in Campbeltown are in a similar state!
    Lovely photo, by the way.