Saturday, September 23, 2006

Fly me to the Moon .... please

Find today completely hijacked by the fact that I'm taking part in a charity concert in the Queens' Hall tonight. It's not as if I'm a solo turn - just Five of Eight (Borg afficionados will get this) in the singing group 8+1 (eight women + one man, our director), in a show full of rock groups, the school jazz band and Fred Macaulay the compere, but in a way it's even more frustrating.

For a start, we were promised a sound check with the "professional" sound man coming down "specially" - and now he's later than expected and the sound check is "aff". So we've had less than ten minutes on the stage last night and tonight we go on and whether or not we can be heard is in the hands of someone we've never met and who doesn't know anything about our sound. He's checking the jazz band and a rock group. We sound like neither of these. We are not amused.

If I survive the event I may blog more - or I may simply choose to forget it. Depends how it goes for us, I guess. It's more my cup of tea to sing Byrd in a lovely resonant building, with no sound experts within miles, but tonight it's "Fly me to the Moon" or nothing.

Let's hear it for the oldest swingers in town .....


  1. Which bits are swinging?

  2. I will ignore the previous comment and merely say good luck, sing well(who needs a sound man anyway?), and tell your readers all about it.

  3. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Mrs. Blethers done good - cool as ice and full of voice.

    The One.

  4. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Hope all went well, Mrs Blethers... and I'm glad you didn't pick up my cold!
    I'm with you on the Byrd, and put me down for a side order of Palestrina... at least, before my voice broke. Now I'm more Lee Marvin in "Paint Your Wagon"...

    Neil W

    PS: Thanks for the kind comments... much appreciated!

  5. We done good, Hen - sure we did? Despite the planets being against us. Maybe the goat-innards did the trick *g*